Carbon Dioxide

  • What is Carbon Dioxide, (CO2) used for?
    CO2 is one of the most versatile gases, it has many uses – beer and soft drink dispensing, gas purging, food packaging, welding, fire fighting, scientific equipment testing applications.
  • How pure is our Carbon Dioxide (CO2)?
    Our standard level is 99.9%
  • Do we have high purity Carbon Dioxide (CO2)?
    Yes, 99.9% is considered as high purity.
  • Is food grade better than normal industrial grade?
    No, food grade and industrial grade are the same 99.8%
  • Do our cylinders have top or side entry valves?
    We are in the process of changing all valves to side entry pressure retention.
  • What is a pressure retention valve?
    A pressure retention valve maintains positive pressure in the cylinder thus preventing contaminants from entering the cylinder and ensuring the purity of the gas.
  • How safe is the gas?
    The gas is inert (doesn’t react to anything), nontoxic, colourless, odourless and tasteless. We always recommend any gas must be used in a well ventilated area to reduce the danger of asphyxiation. It is now Australian Standard that an oxygen displacement alarm is fitted in all cellars. CO2 is a very cold gas. Be aware of cold burns.The cylinder should be stored in an upright position, with burst disc in vapour phase.

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