Is Oxygen  in cylinders gas  or liquid ?
Oxygen  is a gas.

✓Is Oxygen in cylinders gas or liquid?
Oxygen is a gas.

✓What is Oxygen used for?
With Acetylene, Welding, Cutting, Localised heating.

✓Is Oxygen OK for medical applications?
No. Medical Oxygen is a totally different cylinder and filling procedure.

✓Can you lay Oxygen cylinders down?
Yes, but it is recommended to use, transport and store in a vertical position.

✓Is Oxygen highly flammable?
No, but it supports combustion and should always be stored away from flammable products. *Always keep oxygen away from oil and grease.

✓What is a flashback arrestor?
A flashback arrestor is a safety device that will extinguish any flame or spark inside the equipment.

✓Should you use flashback arrestors with Oxygen?
Yes, for safety purposes it is highly recommended.

✓Do our cylinders have top or side entry valves?
Side entry pressure retention – to improve quality/purity and safety of our gas to customers.

✓What is a pressure retention valve?
A pressure retention valve maintains positive pressure in the cylinder thus preventing contaminants from entering the cylinder and ensuring the purity of the gas.

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