Commercial Technical Services

It is vital that backup services are made available at all times to ensure customers are provided full technical support & preventative maintenance.

In view of that, apart from being gas supplier, Blue Gas also invested into having very strong technical team based in Lautoka, Sigatoka & Suva.

Expertise are fully trained & qualified to work under company’s rules & guidelines for installation & service/maintenance works.

All works performed by our expertise complies with updated versions of Australian & New Zealand Gas Codes & Standards namely AS/NZS 1596:2014 and AS/NZS 5601:1:2013 and of course meeting our Local Authorities requirements.

Blue Gas has been engaged in doing some very large reticulation projects to name few such as:

Intercontinental Hotel

Warwick Group of Hotels

The Pearl Resort

Uprising Resort

Classic Apparel

Mana Island Resort

Treasure Island Resort

Vunabaka Island Development

Naisoso Island Development

Travel World Hotel

Wailoaloa Development Limited and many more.

Ensuring full safety devices, customers are told & encouraged to secure automatic gas shutoff valves to activate automatically in case of emergency whether or not anyone is present to manually activate the system. Apart from this there are other safety devices to ensure that lives & properties are protected.

Out of many things, included as part of routine technical work are:

    • Design & installation of LPG reticulation systems
    • Design, supply & installation of Automatic LPG safety systems & devices
    • Commissioning of gas infrastructures
    • Ongoing service & maintenance of gas infrastructures
    • Supply of commercial cooking equipment
    • Installation of commercial cooking equipment
    • Supply of commercial/industrial laundry equipment
    • Installation of laundry equipment
    • Size & supply of hot water system for various applications
    • Size & supply of spa pool heaters for various applications
    • Supply & installation of LPG Air-condition systems
    • Supply & LPG power generation systems
    • Supply & installation of tiki lights
    • Supply and installation of LPG generators
    • Commissioning of commercial & industrial equipment
    • General servicing of all commercial & industrial equipment
    • Maintenance of components such as burners, jets, orifices, thermostats, thermocouple, pilot lights etc
    • Checking & servicing of electrical/electronic components with equipment
    • Check to ensure no gas leaks
    • Check & adjust gas operating pressures as per requirement
    • Conduct periodic pressure test on customer request
    • Submission of pressure test reports
    • Submission of as-built drawings
    • Submission of Operations & Maintenance Manual
    • Provide training for competency
    • Carry of competency tests
    • Assess competency levels

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