LPG Power Generation

Blue Gas is the first company to introduce LPG Power Generation Project involving prospective ventures to benefit from this cost-effective system and also promote their business as greener & environmentally friendly. Power generation is produced using LPG turbines which are quiet, very clean, minimal emissions, powerful, efficient, and robust system. LPG turbine is exciting system which not only produces power but also hot water & cooling using process called tri-generation.

The turbines do not require lubrication so no need for storage of engine oil or worry about disposal of waste oil & since engine is air cooled, it doesn’t use water either. The proposed turbines do not use oil which means it is very clean & do not require fulltime personnel to change oil, filters service etc therefore it’s an unmanned plant however periodical checks & servicing to be performed as per manufacturer requirement with 1st service starting at 4000 hours.

Combustion being very clean using LPG, it produces clean heat which in reverse cycle is used to produce hot water & chilling via heat recovery modules making units 90 to 95% efficient.

Depending on power load, gas turbines are sized & put in manifold packs which means it can go up to multiple units to meet 100% of power load say for 1mW, 5 x 200kW containerized pack is appropriate. It also means that if there is issue with any one turbine, you still get power generated while fault is fixed. It takes only one day to change module (s) & units are back in operation without much disruption to power supply.

The repairs do not require stripping the turbine or spare parts etc but it’s just matter of pulling out the existing module & replacing with a new one – that simple. As for actual maintenance work, we have team of local trained technicians to do that satisfactorily and we also have Factory Protection Plan (FPP) which basically is a fixed cost for repair, service & maintenance including spare parts so you know how much is anticipated as yearly maintenance expenses.

Turbines cut-in on demand unlike normal generators that keeps operating unnecessarily regardless of power load hence costly affair but with LP Gas turbine there will be huge control on fuel consumption. Units are cabled to Capstone Logic Controller (CLC) that controls turbines to cut-in & cutout depending on power demand.

Also, one centralized gas storage facility to feed normal gas equipments and also the powerhouse so there is no need to have multiple or scattered fuel tanks around the property. The first ever LPG power generation plant initiated in Fiji Islands by Blue Gas is fully operational at Treasure Island Resort. Peak power demand generated at Treasure Island Resort is 250kW so load between 6 turbines automatically controlled by Logic Controller.

Similarly turbines are sized accordingly to meet power demands and sizes can range from 30 Kilo Watt unit to extremely large Mega Watt system that is available in containerized forms.

Next Generation Power solution

The first ever LPG power generation plant by Blue Gas

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